Rumour Mill Churnings - 18th May

Last updated : 18 May 2005 By Smallsy
In our first installment of the rumour mill we take a look at who the Bees have been linked with over the past few days.

(Please bear in mind that at the moment the press is going through what's known as a 'slow month' when they basically link anyone with anyclub just for some kind of story!)

Martin Allen linked with Millwall - After the departure of Denis Wise the Lions will be looking for a strong manager to attempt to take them to the Premiership as an up and coming manager Martin Allen would make a good addition - however the boss has stated firmly that he's not interested in leaving.

Jay Tabb linked with Reading - After an progressivly improving season young midfielder Tabb is apparently being courted by Reading who believe they could use striker Nicky Forster as bait to sign Jay - the club has rejected any suitors for Jay Tabb insisting that he is not for sale.

Lloyd Owusu - The ex Brentford player has been given a free transfer by Reading and is believed to be coming to the club for talks within the next few weeks as Martin Allen is a keen admirer of the player and will be looking for an attacker to boost our flagging attack (-3 goal difference and all that)