BIAS update

Last updated : 11 February 2002 By BIAS Committee
The meeting was called by Ron Noades and the objective was to establish a way forward for Brentford FC and followed the previous week`s successful BIAS Emergency Public Meeting.

The conditions for the impending takeover by Bees United were discussed at some length. BIAS supports the move for our Supporters Trust to be the majority shareholders at BFC, pending clarification of some legal matters currently being looked into by the Trust`s Committee.

BIAS appreciates that the planning consent required for Griffin Park is fundamental to the Club`s future progress. Without that in place, it is not feasible for Bees United to take control.

Our position and main concern has been, and remains so, the premature vactation of our ancestral home. There are certain issues which BIAS and Ron Noades have agreed to disagree upon. However, we have decided to keep these matters private as we do not feel that any disagreements being disputed publicly via the press and internet are to the benefit of Brentford FC or its future aspirations, regardless of any personal misrepresentations we believe to have taken place.

BIAS would like Bees United to hold the destiny of BFC in its hands. We are confident that a better relationship will materialise between the Club and Hounslow Council once the takeover takes place.

Whilst BIAS totally supports the transfer of the major shareholding from Altonwood to Bees United, we feel it prudent to say that it will not be the end of the Club`s difficulties. For our Supporters Trust to be a success it entails a large percentage of our support joing and regularly contributing money to Bees United. We can become a successful and genuine Community Club, but we all need to chip in to make it work.

BIAS will do what it can to assist Bees United`s takeover. For this to happen we have to help gain the necessary planning consent on Griffin Park, which will enable Bees United to be in a position to inherit the Club`s overdraft facilities. We are happy to do this, subject to us being 100% satisfied to everything being legally watertight from the supporters` perspective.

BIAS urges all Brentford supporters to join Bees United as soon as possible. Together, we can move forwards. Divided, we probably cannot.