Calling Hounslow Residents!

Last updated : 31 January 2002 By A Bee C
Our campaign ‘A Future for Brentford FC in Your Community’ is borne out of the frustration felt by many supporters of the club, and the wider population, at the lack of political momentum towards a new Community Stadium in the Borough, and the general refusal by Hounslow Council to properly acknowledge the important role that Brentford FC has to play in the Borough.

The example of Charlton, and their Valley Party, is a powerful demonstration of how football fans can overcome political indifference and bring issues like these to prominence. Our very existence as a group has already made good progress in this direction, just think what pressure we can bring to bear by standing candidates in an area like Hounslow, where election turn-outs are so low that a few hundred votes can make a significant impact in any Ward!

But for this we need YOU! If you’re a Hounslow resident and you’d like to help secure Brentford FC’s future in the borough then why not become one of our candidates. Candidate’s duties are not excessive, and you will have a team of helpers to assist with leafleting/canvassing, organising meetings etc.

On which note we are also looking for just such volunteers, and for this there’s no need for you to be a Hounslow resident! Anyone who thinks they can help us should e-mail: or phone Paul Stedman on 079 0437 5051. In addition we are compiling a database of Brentford fans who are Hounslow residents, and if you fall into this category it would be great if you could let us know, so that we can add your name.

More details can be found on our web-site: