Missing person

Last updated : 18 February 2002 By Nathan Batchelor
We, are the family & friends of Jeffrey, are appealing to you, football & rugby supporters to help us in our search for our friend & fellow Stockport County, Jeffrey Hodgson.

The full story is on our website www.wheresjeffrey.org Briefly, Jeffrey went missing on the island of Ibiza back in July, whilst on holiday with his parents Derek & Beryl.

Jeffrey has a mental handicap & although he is an adult age 38, he has a mental age on an 8 year old child. As you can imagine, Jeffrey's prolonged separation from his family is causing a great deal of stress & heartache.

The website provides information in both English & Spanish, shows what Jeffrey looked like and also what he might look like now if he has grown a beard.

Although Jeffrey went missing some moths ago, in the absence of news to the contrary, we are convinced that Jeffrey is alive & well, probably in southern Spain or the islands off the coast.

So, what are we asking you to do? Please let as many people as possible know about Jeffrey and give them a leaflet. Need more leaflets email info@wheresjeffrey.org

If anyone is in Spain and think they will see Jeffrey, please ask him how he is. Jeffrey is very friendly and will respond to you, particularly if you are wearing a football shirt. Please report any sighting by calling the number of the leaflet.

Please, please do not think that your help will not make a difference, it will. Jeffrey is out there somewhere and YOU just might be the one who finds him.

Your faithfully,

The Family & Friends of Jeffrey
104 Edgeley Road
Tel: 0161 430 8806
Fax: 0161 406 8049