Last updated : 16 April 2002 By Michael Wray
To my eternal shame, I have discovered that a small but significant bug-fix has crept past testing. It shows up in the second round team populations if you run several results iterations through the first round. Extreme thanks go to Matthew Crawford for bringing it to my attention. I cannot locate any other problems and I apologise in a major way for causing any inconvenience.

I will provide the download sites at Lofft and ISFA with updated versions, but you may need to give them a few days to upload the fixed version. In the meantime, feel free to come to me direct.

If you have forwarded to anyone, please let them know and encourage them to register so that I can advise them direct; I hate to think that people are using my sheets unsupported experiencing problems.

Once more, profuse apologies.


The 2002 World Cup Finals spreadsheet is now available.

You can download it for free from:

If you cannot access the download sites, I can email you a free copy.

It is written for Excel 97 and above.

Features include:
- random trivia fact
- preview of every nation in finals
- preview of every stadium
- preview of every host city
- All-time World Cup stats for each finalist
- All-time World Cup head-to-head comparisons for finalists
- All-time World Cup results per finalist
- Review of all past tournaments
- All fixtures, with ability to select your timezone
- First round standings follow exact FIFA criteria (points, goal difference,
goals scored, head-to-head results, drawing of lots)