eghambee explains

Last updated : 19 January 2002 By eghambee
My dad born in Acton went to Bees one week and QPHA the next, but when he met my mums brothers, was fully converted.

Mum and Dad went regularly in late 50's and early 60's.

I was taken along to first match against Bolton in FA Cup, 197? 0-0 i think.

I started going regularly in the promotion season from the 4th and been hooked ever since.

My eldest boy attended his first matches last season, so takes the family into a 4th generation.

My Dads last game was the Shepa Van Final in 85, shame about the reult, would have liked him to have left with a good memory.

My Uncles from both sides still go.

Even though i was born in Isleworth before Pyleebee, i was glad, as God had obviously run out of good looks and healthy fit bodies after me.

Its a family thing, can get them out of my blood. Long may it continue.