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Last updated : 21 January 2002 By newsybee
Anyway we won 3-2. My second fix was against Swansea a month later we won 4-0 that was it. The following season we got promoted. Then I moved to the other end of Isleworth so wasn't allowed to go as much as lost contact a bit. It was like the fever pitch thing my stepdad didn't like footie much. (he only really took me so he'd have an excuse to drink in the Bricklayers).

I think at that time my first team was West Ham it wasn't until the late 80's that that changed. And I must say as im' getting older its getting worse. Already this season i've done five away fixtures and most of the home one's which isn't that easy seeings I have to work every other weekend and nights. The intimacy of Brentford is wonderful and even though other ground have better facility's i.e. Notts C. Stoke and Reading they don't have soul.

I know a move from my beloved gp in inevitable but i'll sure miss it