North London Bee explains "Why Brentford?"

Last updated : 08 January 2002 By North London Bee

First game was 5-2 walloping of QPR in 1965. Second was 6-1 mauling of Rangers on opening day of 1965-66 season. I was hooked , football was a really easy game -or so it appeared !

Now been coming ever since except when living in New York 1983-86.

Wanted to give up in 1998 when W£bb was dismantling the club and even cheered when Carlisle scored in that awful 0-1 midweek defeat in October as I knew that would mean the end of poor Eddy May's role as ventriloquist's dummy and the hiring of a REAL manager.

Not very hopeful of our prospects at present both on and off the field but all but a handful of the other 71 Football league clubs find themselves in the same parlous state.

As long as Noades keeps us in the dark about his real intentions - if he even knows himself then I feel we are potentially on the road to oblivion or at best also rans.