Nurse Betty explains

Last updated : 17 January 2002 By Nurse Betty
GP was always different - felt as though there were real people as supporters. Not sure what I mean, to be honest, but it felt like ordinary people and the club was accessible and not overwhelming. Well, I suppose at 11 years old I was a bit overwhelmed by 38,000 people at Highbury.

Now I support them because I've moved back in to the area and I've gone from being an Arsenal fan who watches Brentford to a Brentford fan who has a soft spot for Arsenal but couldn't give a monkeys about what's going on in the Premiership - it's Division 2 I'm interested in. Brentford still feels like a proper football club, not a supermarket-cum-catering franchise with a footie team attached to it. I like the fact that I've stood in the same Braemar Road burger queue at a pre-season with Ijah and Gav; I like the fact that I can walk round to the shop after the game and see the players walking past. And supporting a team like Brentford really is supporting - there's no worries about whether we'll beat Real Madrid next Wednesday or whether there's any prawn sandwiches left for half time. It's more about have we got enough money to fix the ladies loos in the New Road and can we hang on to our players.

I've just read `How depressed am I...' which is another thread on this board and I've been thinking along the same lines: if we got in to the Conference, where will we play etc etc. I can't imaging not supporting Brentford now. Too late - it's in the blood.