Why Brentford?...by Florian Scheuermann, Sydney, Australia.

Last updated : 05 January 2002 By Florian Scheuermann
Big Ben Burgess.

I'm a Northern Spirit FC supporter(North Sydney, Australia) and Benny played for us last season (00/01) and was an absolute sensation. Great skill, great commitment and most importantly a great bloke! Always ready to go out of his way to interact with the fans, in fact there was a time when not playing toward the end of the season, he decided to watch the game with us in the terraces having a few beers instead of spending a dull evening up in the corporate box with the caviar munching executives.

Naturally now that he has moved on to the Bees, we all wish him the best and many of us at North Sydney have now developed a permanent interest in Brentford FC and it's fortunes on the playing field.

There is no doubt that I will wear my newly aquired #30 Bees home shirt proudly at a quite a few Spirit home games.

Wishing all the Brentford players & FANS all the best in their fight for promotion to DIV1 and hopefully the DIV2 championship for season 2001/2002.

Florian Scheuermann
Sydney Australia.