28th February - 6th March

Last updated : 06 March 2005 By Smallsy
Cup runs are great, but league runs are better, that should be the view of most Brentford fans this week. There was optimism on monday as the replay came ever nearer, so much promise when we took the lead, but even those most true of bees fans must of felt that the writing was on the wall as soon as Crouch scored his first, we battled bravely but as tha tall striker scuffed in his 2nd, it was clear that it wasnt to be.
Onwards and upwards was the message from Allen, instead of the quarter finals he said, lets look to the Championship as a vital game against Colchester could have seen our season go right off the rails.
It didnt however as a 'fortunate' goal from Tabb keeps the dream alive.
With 2 games in hand over our closest rivals it is clear what the objective for the remainder of the season should be, playing with the spirit and resilliance we showed against the saints with our usual grit and determination shown in league one. We need more goals from midfield and to continue picking up as many points as we have done in recent matches away from home, if the bees are to be promoted this season then its important that we get good results against the teams around us, their place or at least our place is settled before the last two games of the season when we play..... Hull and Luton!