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Last updated : 08 March 2005 By Smallsy
Nick Raynor of donnyroversnet.co.uk spoke to me this week and gave his views on the up comimg Brentford game...

1. Tell us a bit about yourself; Name, age, how long a fan of your club etc...

I'm Nick, I'm 16 and I've supported Doncaster since I was little. I
get to as many games as I can but with exams and the fact that being 16 doesn't pay well, I am limited to the amount of games I can get to.

2. What was the first football match you went to and what was the score?

It was a local derby against Halifax one Tuesday night. I remember
that it was really cold which put in a bad mood, and the fact we lost
2-1 made it even worse.

3. What is the best and worst match you have attended?

The best for me was this season actually, when we beat Hull 1-0 at our
place. We had nearly 10,000 there that day compared to the average
5,000 and it was an amazing atmophere and the fact that we won was
great. The worst and most humiliating defeat I have ever seen was when
Sheffield Wednesday hammered us 4-0 at our place. There was, again,
about 10,000 there, but the atmosphere wasn't great as you could

4. Where do you expect to finish this season?

I think we will finish just outside the playoff spots but maybe if we
get a few victories we could sneak into the playoff places and compete
for a third succesive promotion.

5. Where do you think Brentford will finish?

I think they also will finish just outside the playoffs and make a
more serious bid for promotion next year.

6. How did you do last season?

Well we won the league - doesn't get much better than that.

7. Who is the player Brentford should watch out for when we play you?

Micheal McIndoe is on great form this season adn is a constant threat
from midfield. He is the top scorer for Rovers this season and links
up well with Gregg Blundell.

8. Whose the Brentford player you think you should watch out for?

Im not too sure... but Dean Burton can knock a few in on a good day.

9. What's your team like? Strong areas/players, weak areas/players,
manager + backroom staff etc...

It's a very balanced team. We have no weak links at all and it must be
a nightmare for Penney to pick the team. We are short on strikers but
now we have 3 thanks to the signing of Lewis Guy who looks like one
for the future. Penney and the backroom staff are fantastic and will be at the club for the duration. Most managers and his staff would be if they got
promoted twice in a row and then pushed for a third.

10. Make a prediction for when Brentford play you...

Doncaster to win 2-1

Thanks once again to Nick there for his views on the game, next week we'll hopefully be speaking to an Oldham fan before next Tuesdays game.