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Last updated : 19 August 2005 By Smallsy
Brentford and their opponents have both suffered three defeats all season between them, where as the Bees was in their last game, Tranmere's were on the opening day and first midweek game, it is important that we bounce back from this the way thay did with a crushing defeat of their next opponents.

Looking ahead to the game tomorrow is Matthew Jones a Tranmere rovers fan who took time out to speak to us...

Tell us a bit about yourself? name, age, how long you've supported the club?

My name is Matthew Jones, and I'm 15. I've supported the club since I was four.

First match attended?

Tranmere vs. Luton some time in 1995. We won the game 1-0 with John Aldridge scoring the goal in the fourth minute.

How did you do last season? Overachieve, underachieve etc...?

Last season I think we were just right. We didn't overachieve and we didn't underchieve, because our defence was poor in the second half of the season and we didn't have one 20 goal striker.

Have you brought any players in over the summer? Lost anyone?

We have brought in three players (and now a fourth on-loan) and sold or released about five. Selling our star player Ryan Taylor to Wigan, and releasing Paul Hall, David Beresford, Russell Howarth, Gary Jones. We have brough in Sam Aiston from Shrewsbury, Steve Wilson from Macclesfield and Chris Greenacre from Stoke. This week, we also signed Alex Bruce on-loan from Birmingham until January.

Are you satisfied with the start you've made?

I am yes. An away fixture to Swansea at their new ground was never going to be an easy game, and we lost 1-0 as I predicted. Then Blackpool, I was on holiday so I cannot comment. Then we easily put four past Oldham last Friday. So yes, early on, we are looking pretty good.

Are you happy with your manager and backroom staff?

Not particually, as we have sold Ryan Taylor and released Paul Hall, two of our best three players last season. Then Brian seems intent on playing people out of position. Playing Paul Linwood (center-back) at right-back, Ian Goodison (center-back) at left-back, Gareth Roberts (left-back) at left-mid and Sam Aiston (left-mid) at right-back. Also, we are not going to be promoted if Brian is bringing in 30 years olds from League Two (Wilson and Aiston).

Are there any Tranmere players Brentford should look out for?

Brentford will need to watch Iain Hume, Chris Greenacre and Sam Aiston. Aiston is very good on the wing, whilst Greenacre has three goals in three games and is a deadly finisher. Then Hume can score from 35 yards out on his day and put in a dangerous cross.

How do you think Brentford will do this season?

This season, I think Brentford will finishmaybe third or fourth and then win the play-offs.

Which Brentford player should Tranmere be most fearful of? if any?
Brentford have alot of good players. But I feel there are non the any team should really fear. Just show respect to them and watch the closely.

How do you think we will do this season?

I'm not too confident about this season as we have sold our best player Ryan Taylor and his right-sided partner Paul Hall. However, Alex Bruce could be a very good replacement. I think we may finish inbetween mid-table and the play-offs.

Prediction for game on Saturday:

Tranmere and Brentford are both good teams and will both be looking at winning this game. My predicition is 1-1.

Thanks to Matthew who very kindly took time out to speak to us...