European Club Football - The money fuelled future

Last updated : 06 January 2006 By Smallsy
European football puritains have long grumbled at the Uefa Champions League,

"How can it be called such when last season's winners finished fourth the previous year?"

Not taking anthing away from Liverpool but the competitions title should prehaps be altered. Unfortunately the era which we live in dictated by money has in some ways devalued european competition, with the change from European Cup to Champions League, mass media coverage across the world and straight knock out being changed to group stages, many wonder how long it will be before English, Spanish and Italian clubs as well as many others compete on a weekly basis as part of a 'European Super League'.

The G14 and other powerful European football bodies it appears we are heading plans behind FIFA and UEFA's back to undermine their own individual leagues in a bid to bring in the big cash.

Previously suggested by Chelsea, Ajaz and Borrusia Dortmond, it appears that some teams and fans are motivated by big cup clashes with foreign opponents rather than local derbies, filled with passion and determination.

The power of organisations such as the G14 mean the European Super League could be a real possibility by 2015 with the revolution even beginning here in the British isles.

Rangers and Celtic's desire to challenge themselves has long been known, turbulence in Glasgow this season has been the only prevention to talk of a future move, it s clear that the Premier League would be prepared to listen if the Old Firm came calling and the SPL would rather invite willing parties into the league instead of two want away club sides.

Some Premier League teams are unhappy at the suggestion of an eighteen league instead of twenty and it is very doubtful they would be happy if replaced by their Scottish counterparts.

The 'big' sides in the country would be happy to meet Scotland's top sides in a chase for both supremecy and finance.

It appears the only way this could happen would be in a seperate league, joining club sides from all across Europe in a twenty team, high quality tournament with no relegation and no mention of cup football or fatigue from too many games.

How the system would work is unclear but the top three leagues in Europe would be ripped apart with potentially four sides from each joining. Suggestions made show reputation would originally be the design for selection but certain financial powers may have enough muscle to join in.

Interest from Holland, France and Germany as well as Portugal, Russia and of course Scotland could mean that Europ simply now reject some sides or form a structure which many clubs could join.

But where will it end?

How many of Europe's top sides fluctuate in positions and will suffer from the high standard of play?

More importantly how pleased will each federation be to accept their stray clubs back in the league fails to succeed?

Until then fans of European football ancounters will have to manage with the potential of fifteen European matches a season but with the club system so fragile throughout the Northern Hemisphere how long will it be be before the names of Chelsea, Barcelona and Juventus be below one another in a European League.