Thursday Round Up

Last updated : 10 March 2005 By Smallsy
Coca Cola competition - Currently the bee's lie in 18th position which is a slight improvement on yesterdays 19th but we can still do better! Remember you can vote at least once a day so lets all help the bee's win 250k! Visit tuesday and wednesdays news for the web link.

Sodje's rewarding award - After picking up the Evening standard player of the month award Sodje told reporters that he was delighted to have beat off the best players in the country let alone the world. He also announced that he still feels he can improve as a player and wants to stay with Brentford for a very long time. Good news indeed. Sodje was presented his award this morning at the training ground.

More prizes - Griffin Gold's prize winners have been announced on the official site for more details follow the link

Football league announces new policies - the football league has announced plans to expand it's ground breaking 'fit and proper persons test' on its official website. Basically this limits the people who are allowed to be involved football clubs, in 2004 it started and made its first official ruling limiting the criteria for becomming a football club chairman. The fppt announced today that people who are on the sex offenders list or who have been given a custodial sentance of 12 months or more are disqualified.

New CEO to be appointed  - For potential applicants the information for the new director which is to be appointed by Brentford is listed on their website. Listed by Eddie Rodgers is the required qualities and job roles to be undertaken by the new executive if you are interested visit the website for more information.

Entires close March 17th