Tuesday's Round Up

Last updated : 09 March 2005 By Smallsy
Not much news again today because the boys are still in Dubai but....

Jimmy Jones Event - The 'evening with Jimmy Jones' event held in Heathrow last week raised over over 10,000 pounds profit for the club.

Keegan's worry for smaller clubs - On the bbc website today Man City manager Kevin Keegan expressed his worry for championship and league one clubs, he spoke about the gap between the top and teh bottom becomming larger,

"Within the next 20 years it i very difficult to make a case for anyone outside the top 3 winning the championship, any team who is promoted from the championship or league one will find it very difficult to stay up in this league"

Voting Poll - Thanks very much for voting in our last poll, it seems as though bees fans are confident of finishing in the play off positions, a statement of intent which was back up by our win over Colchester at the weekend, from the complete set of results it certainly seems as though Brentford are in the correct position in your view.

Please check out our latest poll about where you believe the Bee's need strengthening.