Wednesday Round Up

Last updated : 17 March 2005 By Smallsy
Poll Results - For those of you who voted in the poll it seems as though you were very split on whether Stuart Nelson's goal from last week should have stood. 50% said yes with only 12.5 people saying no way! Although a massive 37.5% people said they hadn't even seen it! Tells us something about 'lower' league football coverage on TV doesnt it!

Coca Cola Latest - The Bee's slipped a couple of places today to 11th with a total of 2828 votes, keep them comming fans remember you can vote once a day and you as well as the club could end up benifiting! At the top Leeds have overtaken QPR with 19960 votes.

Latest from the Gaffer - Martin Allen gave his midweek update to the official website today, he spoke on many topics, many which were included in his quotes after yesterdays game, saying again that he was pleased with the spirit amongst the players. We also hear from Martin that he has been accepted to take his Uefa Pro License Course which will improve his coaching and management abilities, something he is very keen to do.
He continues by telling us that although Jay Tabb has been included in Irelands U21's squad for next friday, he will be allowed to play for the Bee's next tuesday which is great news, he speaks on the fact that he is very pleased for Tabb and fully expected him to be making his way into the full squad in the near future.