Brentford FC - Fanzone Special

Last updated : 30 January 2006 By Smallsy

Having seen The Bees from the stands I always wondered what it was like to actually experience what the team experience each week. My Dream became a reality on Monday when I played for Real Brentford.

Having met fellow team-mate Ashleigh at Brentford station for a kick-about early on in the afternoon. We arrived at the Princess Royal at 5pm for a quick drink (Coca Cola) before entering the ground. After having a look round the Christmas celebrations. The time then arrived to go in for the pre-match briefing. The Vice Presidents lounge was quite a sight seeing all the old kits and Brentford memorabilia. Martin Allen gave us the low-down on the opposition.

Then it was down to the changing rooms. The changing rooms are quite cramped but then there were 27 players in there. Martin gave us a team talk and then it was out to warm up. The thrill of running out of the changing room and onto the Griffin Park pitch was special and being treated like a professional player was quite something.

After the warm-up it was back into the dressing room for a quick last minute discussion of tactics and then it was back out onto the field for the kick-off. After posing for the team photo it was time to head down to the Brook Road goal.

The first bit of action that I was involved in was to rush of my line to DJ Campbell. Thankfully he hit the post. But it wasn't long before the inevitable happened and the first team scored. Quite soon after Hutch was put through and I had to charge and grab the ball.

Soon the 1st Team showed their League One ability by putting the ball past me another 3 times with Paul Brooker being involved in all of them. Thankfully, from my perspective, none of the goals were a direct result from my dire, which is normal, kicking.

After 20 minutes it was time to let the other half of the team take to the field. From what I saw they looked a better side than mine but whether that was because they had learnt from our earlier mistakes I don't know.

Half Time Came and it came as a shock to have to sign a couple of peoples footballs before I vanished into the quiet of the dressing room. The half time food and drink were Jelly Babies and Lucozade Sport.

Soon it was time to get back out onto the field and take up my position, this time in front of the Ealing Road goal. Brentford came right onto the attack. They were able to put the ball across me and into the back of the net.

The highlight, from my point of view came when Junior Lewis unleashed a fierce drive which looked as if it was heading for the bottom corner but somehow, I don't know how i did it, I was able to parry the ball away for a corner. The next save which I was able to make came from Lloyd Owusu which was quite something seeing as it was daylight robbery by just punching the ball away from him.

Another 2 goals went in which led to a couple of knocks being picked up. The 6th goal I conceded my head whacked the post and with the 7th there was a bit of cramp in my legs.

The time had come again to leave the field and I was relaxed. I'd given it me best shot and I hadn't done as badly as I thought I was going to.

Martin Allen came on and having said "Do not make any bad tackles on any of our players" went in for a shoulder barge whenever he could and was soon flattened by Junior Lewis.

The last 2 minutes were brilliant as it was 28 vs. 11. The touching moment for me was Lloyd Owusu coming to say well done to me.

Back into the changing rooms and some bread, pasta and Lucozade greeted us. All the little things there are just right and it provides a better atmosphere for the real players.

Great Night and I'd definately do it again.