Brentford-Mad End of Season Awards Part 2

Last updated : 20 May 2005 By Smallsy
If only...
Yesterday saw the awarding of the end of season acolades which we felt the Bees had missed out on throughout the year for their hard work.

Today we decided to go with some awards which you definetly wouldn't find the club presenting at the annual dinner...

The 'How the hell did you take 3 points off us this season' award - Bradford

In all fairness this could have been claimed by Luton who came back from 2-1 down to win 4-2 late on in the season but we decided to go for Bradford because more disturbingly than robbing us of 3 points they took all 6 from us! If the home game wasn't enough of a robbery then the 4-1 thrashing we recieved away from home was very undeserved. Brentford fans travelled with hope of clinching a playoff position that day but instead came back with the horrible memories of our worst defeat of the season.

The 'You were a bit good against us this season' award - Stuart Elliott
Ok so he didn't reall perform against us when we threw together a youthful line up on the final day of the season but the boy Elliott scored a brace against us at the KC Stadium. Widely regarded as the best player in League One the Irishman was a threat to us all game and gave our back four nightmares for weeks.

The 'Oh my Dear Lord' award - John Salako vs Hinckley
Imagine your John Salako, you've been running round the opponents defense all day, you've proved that your a cut above the rest in this game and you have a chance to win it for your team with a penalty. You've played Premiership football surely you cant't....miss....whoops! A truly shocking moment in the season, the game itself was dull and the fact that on live BBC TV one of their pundits could shank his penalty so very horribly wide just made everyone laugh!

'Most positve person at Brentford' award - Martin Allen
Yes it's the boss again we praised him yesterday for his very supportive stance when it comes to the club but we gave him his very own award today. Not once did the Brentford manager speak out of term about his squad, not once did he ever criticize any of his own or anyone elses players or manager he kept himself to himself and did a great job, football needs more characters like 'Mad Dog'!

The 'Most popular number featuring in a final score involving Brentford - One
In a very Sesame Street way the number one features in our awards. On 21 occasions did the number one finish up as the final score for either Brentford or their opponents including 11 times at home, probably goes towards explaining why our goal difference is so bad!

The 'Exactly who the hell are you?' award - Alan Julian
Never heard of this bloke before infact im sure he's not registered as a player at Griffin Park but accoring to statistic on he's been on the bench 27 times and never come on! Any ideas!

The 'You're on the bench today son' award - Alex Rhodes
Starting only four games this season Alex Rhodes has been used as a sub 18 times this season, only once has he been named and not brought on at some point during the game. To be fair he's done pretty well.

The 'Right you off' Award - Deon Burton
I'm not sure whether it's his age but it could possibly be his disciplinary record that has led to Martin Allen dragging Deon off in 16 matches during the season. Having started 38 games though he must be tired...poor guy...!

That about wraps the awards up for this season...If we think of anymore then we'll add em on, if you have any ideas then please send them in!

Over the weekend we'll be reviewing the 04/05 season in a very statistical way!