Aftermath of the Huddesfield game...

Last updated : 24 April 2005 By Smallsy
An air of frustration and dissapointment lingered around Griffin Park yesterday the home supporters saw Brentford sucumb to a rare home defeat, at exactly the wrong time, after the game we spoke to the players involved.

What the squad said...?

Martin Allen was obviously dissapointed by the defeat and conceaded that his side will have to improve if they wish to make the playoffs,

"Even though we lost, this week was 100% better than last week, all credit to huddersfield because they defended well but my players created plenty of chances and it's unbelieveable that we didnt put at least one of them away"

He went onto say,

"As i've said all the way through this season, we haven't suddenly become bad players and we're not about to give up now, we need to pick ourselves up ready for the next game"

Darren Pratley also spoke to us saying,

"It's hard to see how we lost that game, sandwiched between their goal we were all over them, it was just one of those games, they scrapped and battled hard to keep us out, we're upset that we didn't at least pick up a draw"

Deon Buron echoed Pratley's thought's,

"I don't know how we've not scored, we dominated the game, to be fair though their took their goal well and held on for the result, we're still in with a chance of the playoffs but it's going to be a struggle now"

What the 'experts' said? - 'The Bees failed to secure a play off place despite dominating the game, Brentford will now hve to take points off the top two. Equally disapointing for the red and whites was the performances of teams around them because even a point would have been a massive step forward.' - 'Difficult to understand how the Bees didnt win this one, they dominated throughout and kept limited Huddersfield to three half chances, one of which was taken very well, a massive blow to the squad who in recent weeks have been struggling to find the net' - 'Brentford failed to shine infront of an expectant crowd, although they created several chances, the Bees cried out for a player to finish at least one however this did not happen' - 'Voted Pratley as MOTM, fans opinion from the forums was that Brentford lacked a quality finisher to put the large number of oppertunities they created away, the general consensus is that the Bees play off hopes have been seriously damaged given their run in.