Cheltenham 5 - 0 Brentford

Last updated : 23 August 2005 By Smallsy
It was fair to say that Allen was not serious yesterday when he said,

"We will be attempting to win the cup"

However Brentford's manager may have expected a little better from his team than an abysmal performance and a shocking result as his side when down to their heaviest defeat under his charge.

A strange night all round really as high profile casualties came in the form of Notts Forest, Ipswich and Bristol City however the severity of the Bees defeat stands out in the list of results.

What the manager said?

Martin Allen was understandably furious with his teams performance at Wheddon road,

"That is not good enought quite simply, I appologise to the fans who had to witness that game"

"Just because the opposition is from a lower division certain players thought they could take it easy, all credit to Cheltenham though, they took their chances and made us look quite silly"

"All we can do is hope that we don't carry that kind of performance into the League otherwise we won't be keeping first place very long"

What the players said?

Joe Keenan who made his debut tonight spoke to us,

"It's difficult to know what to say after a performance like that, saturdays game and today's we like two different teams, we played terribly and got what we deserved."

Marcus Gayle said,

"I feel embarassed for the football club, in this day and age you shouldn't be getting beat that heavily, needless to say we're gonna have to buck up our ideas of we could be throwing our good start away"

DJ Campbell said,

"I don't think there was anyone who who performed tonight, we all have to take a slice of the blame, the best thing to do is to forget about it and hope we can erase the memory of this defeat at Barnsley on Saturday"

What the opposition said?

Cheltenham boss John Ward was extatic with the say his side played,

"What a boost this is to our season, we shouldnt underestimate the strength of his victory."

"I though we throughly deserved to win, if they didnt turn up with the right attitude that's not our problem, the result didn't flatter us in the slightest"

What the fans said?

Brentford fan Chris Holmes told us,

"I'm extremely upset at the way we played, this is the worse result i can ever remember us having"

"Some of the players didnt look interested, they'd better buck up before Saturday"

Cheltenham fan Jack Rodgers spoke to us,

"I'm chuffed for the players and the boss that we destroyed such a high profile team, finally we might get some attention draw to what we are building here"