Chief Exec comments on 'racist' Tranmere incident

Last updated : 18 June 2005 By Smallsy
Following the sentancing of a Sheffield Wednesday fan following a racist incident at Hillsbrough, the long forgotten topic of racism at Griffin Park was discussed on the BIAS website by chief executive Andy Finch a copy of the letter is printed below,


I have read the correspondence regarding the above (including the website release authored by the Club's Safety Officer), and wish to give you my thoughts on the subject.

Firstly, as far as Club communications are concerned going forward, I have taken the step of having all significant website-bound messages reviewed by myself prior to being posted - the message regarding this alleged incident would certainly have fallen into this category. Having experience in this type of issue previously, I know exactly what Alistair was attempting to do by posting his message - i.e. be proactive, be seen to be doing something positive, attempt to ensure that repeats are avoided etc. If, as it turns out, the net effect has been a case of 'washing one's dirty laundry in public' then that is highly unfortunate. Clearly, the website is a powerful tool, so we must be careful in using it effectively - I hope a more centralized form of controlling access internally to it will alleviate issues going forward.

Alistair is an exceptionally able safety officer, and I see his continued involvement being key to the Club's best interests.

Regarding the alleged incident in question, the FA are still conducting their investigation in conjunction with the Club, and when more information becomes available I will ensure that supporters are made aware through the correct channels.

Kind regards.

Andrew Finch
Chief Executive Officer