Clubs ready for fixtures to be announced

Last updated : 21 June 2005 By Smallsy
The League are busy working behind the scenes on fixtures for the next three seasons already
Clubs face only a two day wait on a process which has been developed over two years, the fixtures for season 2005/06. Despite the previous season being only a few weeks finished clubs all across the country are eagerly anticipating Thursday's announcement of the League fixtures.

Of course you will be able to find out the news first on as we intend to post all the fixtures when possible on Thursday, we are waiting like millions of fans to find out who we will play first and when the key dates in our season might be.

The process of developing the fixtures is a very difficult one, many of the football leagues people have been working overtime over the last couple of weeks to make sure that on thursday fans will be able to see who their club faces when. The development of fixtures works along with FIFA, UEFA, The FA, The Clubs, The Police and The Fans to squeeze all 46 games as well as cup matches into the packed nine month season.

With the World Cup coming up in the summer an extension period between the end of season and the tournaments beginning has been requested and even League One has been affected by this as some internationals ply theuir trade in this league.

A representative from the Football League said,

"We now have a staggered start and finish to the season. It's not only between the Premiership and Football League as in previous yeats but to accomodate the play off finals without disrupting preparation for the World Cup this had to be done."

This staggering process is believed to have caused authorites and even bigger headache regarding fixtures, even causing the Championship playoff final to now be played a week before the League One and Two versions.

Geographical pairings also play a part in fixture decisions and even clashes with Premiership games and other events have affected the fixtures for this year. Even when the fixtures themselves are completed that is not the end of the process as matches will be moved for TV, maybe delayed during to cup runs or changed as the request of a manager (for a good reason obviously).

This extermely difficult process however is near completion and make sure you check the site on Thursday to make sure you know who the Bees are playing when!