Coca Cola 'Win A Player' Competition...

Last updated : 01 June 2005 By Smallsy
After around three months of voting the Coca Cola 'win a player' competition winner was announced as the last day of the official Coca Cola League season finished with West Ham being promoted to the Premiership.

The draw took place on the pitch before the Championship playoff game and the lucky team to be drawn out was....Brighton.

The Gulls finished near the bottom of the division but 7th in the overall Coca Cola draw giving them an excellent chance of being selected.

The lucky winner of £10,000 and the club will now choose how the money should be used, with the problems the blue and whites are having ensuring a ground for the forseable future the money is likley to be ploughed into this development, however the manager announced that the money they recieved from this competition is three times what they would have had as a budget for next season, so it comes in mighty useful.

The Bees finished 21st overall recieveing around 5,000 votes which is a good haul, Coca Cola are planning to run the competition again next season so better luck next year is our message!