Coppell stalling on Hunt

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Coppell: Shrewd and not willing to fork out a lot for Hunt
Brighton & Hove Albion manager, Steve Coppell, talking to the local Evening Argus, has revealed why he has not as yet, concluded the transfer of Brentford winger, Stephen Hunt.

"To be honest I'm fairly indifferent about it. If it happens it happens.

"He's not someone I've really set my heart on, I just think he would be an addition to the squad. I was led to believe he was going to be a free transfer. As a free transfer I would take him, as simple as that.

"Now I have got to speak to Wally Downes (Brentford manager) and if we can do something which isn't going to cost the club money then I'll do it.

"I am not looking to pay a fee but if it's minimal I wouldn't mind. That is to be determined."

Coppell believes the industrious Hunt, who netted seven times in 42 league appearances for Brentford in 2002/03, would be a useful addition to his club, especially as he has already lost Paul Brooker to FA Barclaycard Premiership side, Leicester City.

"He's just a very gritty, determined character who, touch wood, will be fit to play 40-odd games for you a year.

"He doesn't stop. He has a go and at this level if there is somebody who can play in a variety of positions it seems like a decent thing to do. I know his personality and he would blend in fine."

So Coppell has laid his cards on the table and the decision would appear to rest firmly with Brentford boss, Wally Downes.

The latest Bee Hive reader poll has revealed overwhelmingly that Brentford should demand a sizeable fee for Hunt and if the club agree, where would that leave the unsettled Irishman?

Hunt: A return to Griffin Park yesterday
To Hunt's credit, he did return to Griffin Park for the start of training yesterday and one can only hope the situation is resolved sooner rather than later, allowing the player to concentrate on his football and the club on their pre-season preparations.