"Finally we've made it"

Last updated : 04 May 2005 By Smallsy
As the final whistle blew last night at the racecourse ground, a huge sigh could be heard in West London and in the Brentford changing rooms.

Today some of the player spoke about yesterday's game. Stuart Talbot spoke first saying,

"The first half was awful. They played us off the pitch. It could have been 5. Harsh words were said. We came out fighting."
"To get the win was a bonus as we were happy with the draw. Scott Fitzgerald came on and he gets goals. No one wants to go into the last game of the season knowing they need to win. It takes pressure off us and we can focus on the play-offs. It has been a great season – even if we lose in the play-offs considering the position we were in this time last year."

Praising his manager he said,

"The manager has his own ideas about what he is going to do, as it’s his decision. He doesn’t share his ideas, and you’re best asking him about the team"

Michael Turner also spoke to Griffinpark.org saying,

"We knew we had to come here and win to get into the play offs. We knew it would be difficult going into the Hull game needing a result. It was a great second half performance by us. The first half was a bit disappointing but we got the result we needed."

"Martin wasn’t too happy at half time as we didn’t do what we needed to do. They played quite well to be fair, but we got the goal we needed and they looked a bit shaky. It’s been a great season for me as I have played every game"

Never shying away from an interview Martin Allen said,

"We have qualified for the next competition, but we still have to qualify for the final. God bless, we still have to win the final. This club in recent years hasn’t had much luck in finals, but first of all we have to get there. "

"It has been tricky, and it hasn’t been good on my brain and body. I heard Harry Redknapp's quotes at the weekend about not enjoying it. Well, it’s been very difficult to enjoy it."