First the League, now the Cup

Last updated : 24 June 2005 By Smallsy
Who will be picking up the Carling Cup this year?
After the announcement of the Football and Premier League fixtures yesterday, we heard today about the arrangements for this seasons Carling Cup, a competition which Brentford were beaten by Championship Ipswich last season.

The draw for round one of the Carling Cup will be announced at 7am on Radio 1 and Sky Sports on Tuesday, June 28th.

The first round draw involves all 72 Football League clubs, with clubs split on a North/South basis and seeded on the basis of last season's league positions. Seeded clubs will be draw against the unseeded clubs.

Brentford FC have been listed as a seeded team from the South due to their high League One finish last season.

If they make it through to round one they have the potential of facing one of the 12 Premiership clubs not featured in Europe and in round three the other 8 teams from the Premier League will be entered.

The first round takes place on Wed, August 24th the second on Wed, September 21st and round three is Wednesday, October 26th.

We will obviously let you know the details of the draw and who the Bees have been draw against on the day when the draw is made.