Is pre-season really relevant?

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Last Tuesday
A thriller, but finished almost before the lights came on!
Brentford's exciting 3-2 come from behind victory against Nationwide First Division Reading on Tuesday evening, although welcome, prompted plenty of discussion amongst supporters after the match.

Was the entertainment exciting? Yes definitely. Was the game totally competitive in view of the amount of substitutions? Questionable.

The debates continued, would Brentford have been able to come back like that in a league game, and is it a bit too hot to play in mid July anyway, were but two of the considered observations heard on the way out of
Griffin Park in midweek.

Indeed, Wally Downes (pictured), speaking exclusively on Bees World earlier in the week, reconciled that the pre-season fixtures were not, for him, "as important as they used to be, because the general standard of fitness of the players is much higher now".

The Bees' manager went on to conclude that only the home fixtures against the afore mentioned Reading and the forthcoming clash versus newly promoted Portsmouth would be played "at full blast", whilst the remainder of the friendlies, although competitive, would more than likely be experimental both in terms of line-up and formation.

Now the latest Bee Hive reader poll begs the question, IS PRE-SEASON REALLY RELEVANT?

Does it really matter whether Brentford head into the season's opener at Tranmere Rovers on Saturday 9th August with a string of victories under their belt, or conversely a number of defeats.

Are the players really preparing themselves adequately by playing various non-league opponents for example? Should performances, rather than results, be more important, and is there any relevance to the rarefied world that the players will face once battle commences in the new Nationwide Second Division season?

Anyway have a think about it, before making your selection; When you have decided, you can cast your vote by clicking here.