Martin and Oli exclusive interviews

Last updated : 27 June 2005 By Smallsy
Martin Allen has had a very busy week during the last full week of June, first the signing of three players, his UEFA course and also the release of next seasons league fixtures.

The boss till has time to let the fans know what's going on however and on the official website Martin with new signing Oli Skulason gave a 20 minute exclusive to Bees world subscribers.

Allen started by saying how delighted he was with his and his clubs progress this summer although he felt that this week was just the beginning of his planning for next season,

"This week has been hectic for me with all it's going's on but i prefer it this way, it keeps a person active. I think that we can definately progress with planning for next season and i'm hoping to do that one things get into full swing"

Allen also highlighted the key things he thought would be important ahead of next season,

"Our preparation is key to doing well this season, last year we had an average start last year but if we can be ready from day one with some good training and planning I believe we can get going from day one"

"The players we've bought in will definetely add something to the team next season, I wouldn't say the changes we'll be making are wholesale but it;s important that we freshen up which is why there have been several in's and out's since May"

Meanwhile, new signing Oli Skulason spoke for a short while on moving to Brentford after leaving Arsenal in early June.

"I'm looking forward to a new challenge, obviously i was dissapointed but i'd rather be playing first team football then be struggling to make the bench, even though it's at a high level. I believe that playing can only improve my game and who knows one day I could be playing at that level with Brentford"

"Obviously my first objective is to establish myself in the first team but i'm aiming higher, i want to try and improve on what the club did last season, I'm confident that we can achieve more this season and I hope the fans are celebrating promotion in 2006"

On his new signing allen commented,

"It will be a big step up for him coming here where he'll be a full first-team player. I hope he relishes this oppertunity to make his mark in English football."

Allen finished the interview by saying,

"The hard work from me and my staff will really begin in the next couple of weeks when pre season begins, I'm hoping to announce a new signing on monday but as ever I'll keep the fans informed."