Newell gives his playoff verdict

Last updated : 12 May 2005 By Smallsy
With tonight's playoff game in the front of all Brentford fans and players minds took time out to get the opinions of a man whose side has faced all four contenders twice.

Here's his verdict on the BBC's official website of the two sides playing at Hillsbrough tonight.

On the Bees he said,

"The way they play they could be very difficult to beat. They are a threat at set-pieces and have people who can annoy you,"

He went onto say,

"But a team that competes, never gives you a rest and never gives up is always going to be a threat - and Brentford are that team. With the form they are in and the way it works against the third-placed team, I have a sneaky feeling for them."

He then profiled both sides starting with the Owls.

'In terms of football, they are actually not one of the better sides. I saw them against Torquay and they were knocking it long.

I don't think anyone would fancy playing against Brentford over two games so they will have their work cut out.

Like Tranmere and Hartlepool, they have not been in the best of form over the last five or six weeks so it will be a really hard one to pick.

Steven McLean, for his goals, and Lee Peacock are very important for them. If Peacock is fit - and he has struggled with his fitness - he does put himself about.'

On the Bees he wrote,

'They've done remarkably well, considering the position they were in last year when Martin Allen took over.

They are not an easy side to play against. In my playing days, Wimbledon and Crystal Palace played long-ball football and tried to intimidate you but, like those teams, Brentford have got results.

In fact, out of the four teams they are probably in the best form and that might just count for a lot going into the play-offs.

Burton up front has experience and does a really good job for them. With Marcus Gayle's height and experience and Michael Turner, they are always a threat. They gave us a rough time at our place.'

In preparation to the game Martin Allen also told that he is looking forward to the two games,

"I'm looking forward to it from a fans and players perspective. They have nothing to fear we have incredible ingredients, which are unity, self-belief and respect and, amongst them, an incredible desire to be successful. All those things are worth more than individual talent."