Owusu called up to Ghana squad

Last updated : 15 August 2005 By Smallsy
In his column this morning Martin Allen was paticularily cheery, after celebrating his 40th birthday last night he spoke of his delight that new signing Lloyd Owusu had been called up to the Ghana International squad.

The boss said,

"How special is that? Last Wednesday he was absolutely awesome and I for one will be very proud to watch him if he plays. All the lads were chuffed to bits for him, I told all the players that I believe he is the first of many to achieve all this recognition and they should aim to achieve this one day"

Coincidence of all coincidence, the match which Owusu has been called up to the squad for is the match which was announced recently to be played at our very own Griffin Park against Senegal in a World Cup Qualifier, what are the chances of Owusu scoring his first goal in front of his own crowd?!