Playoffs anyone?

Last updated : 06 May 2005 By Smallsy
As the time nears
the start of the League One playoffs, all is still very confusing, with two entrants still to be confirmed, it is difficult go give an overall picture of how the fixtures will look.

However in an attempt to avoid the ticket fiasco's of previous years the football league have attempted to inform fans of when tickets will be available.

As far as we know:

Tickets well go on sale for the home match on Monday 11th May at 8am, on that day only, tickets will be available to SEASON TICKET HOLDERS on production of voucher F in the season ticket book.

From that day onwards, tickets will be available from 8am - 8pm each weekday and 9am - 2am up to the day before the game.

This is just a small note from a list posted on the official website if you wish to know more details for example how to get tickets for the away legs then please visit for more info.

We'll try to update you as regularily as is possible on any changes or confirmation.