Report from the safety officer

Last updated : 14 April 2005 By Smallsy
Following the tremendous victory over Tranmere on tuesday, a slight tarnish was taken off the victory today as in a statement the club have announced that obvervation made my club staff from both sides condlude that Brentford fans have been reported to the FA fo 'agressive and threatening behaviour' also even more discustingly it has also been noted that Brentford fans made racial comments toward one of the 'Mere players.

Unfortunately it is not the first time this season the Bees have been reported to the Fa for this kind of behaviour and we can expect representatives from the governing body to be visiting our next home game. They will be looking at the behaviour of the fans and the control of the stewards from a safety perspective, if the FA identify a weakness we will be asked to hire more stewards at extra cost to the club and could possibly be fined as well.

Together with the police the club will sit down today at study the CCTV footage to identify any trouble causers and have the authority to take action if necessary. Martin Allen has recently asked the supporters to be more 'passionate' but it seems as though a minority has stepped over the line and it will not be tollerated by Brentford Football Club.

If anyone can assist the club, visit the official website and email Allister Hill.