So our season is over...

Last updated : 17 May 2005 By Smallsy
Season 2004/05 came to a sudden halt last night for the Bees.

After 46 games Brentford finally sucommed to a teriffic performance by a Sheffield Wednesday team who seemed determined to make it first time lucky in the playoffs and condem us to our 5th playoff nightmare in our history.

The game appeared to hinge on the Deon Burton chance last night, until that point the game was fairly even but the impressive save by David Lucas seemed to spur the Owls on in some way and two minutes later they were in a 2-0 lead meaning the Bees needed to chance the game harder than before.

Despite some impressive passing movements from the Yorkshire men Brentford still pressed hard but just couldnt make any guilt edge chances which is exactly what we needed. As soon as Brunt's deflected freekick squeezed past Stuart Nelson that sinkin feeling began to overcome Griffin Park.

Even though Frampton popped up for a consolation it was not enough and despite the excellent support which the players recieved last night it wasn't enough and Wednesday's class had got them through.

Brentford have done themselves proud this season as Martin Allen said: "We we're favourites for the drop but now look where we are" I feel that we will be taken more seriously next season by pundits and opponents a like who are bound to be once again given a tough testing by the Bees squad.

Last night just proved that when we play our game it is effective, long balls, testing the defense and keeper are all very effective tactics but when a good confident side plays their football then we can be beaten and their lies our weakness. For the first time this season we were played off the Griffin Park pitch, our small ground has seen many games this season where our tactics have dominated but Paul Sturrock was well aware of this and game with an effective game plan and this may prove that because of our seeming ability to only be able to play one way, the Championship would have been a big step up for the fallen Bees.

Next season however as Allen has promised we will be going for it from the start, the campaign will be tough same as this season but developing on what we have learnt this season I have no doubts that the red and white army will have plenty to celebrate in 2006!

Keep the faith (and your tremendous support up)

Editor, Ben*