Taylor & Coppell views on Bees 4-0 win

Last updated : 25 January 2002 By

Taylor said "We didn't work hard enough, so they are in and we will have a good session."

"It is the first time since I have been here that the opposition have outworked and outbattled us.

"It happens. You have got no divine right to win every match. We didn't deserve anything and Brentford deserved everything they got.

"They had just come off five straight defeats and were obviously not happy with that. They were at home and they pushed in and closed us down for 90 minutes.

"Our passing wasn't good enough and we were too slow to get past them."

"We mustn't let things get us down too much," Taylor continued.

"They are not all of a sudden bad players. We had a bad performance and a bad night, but we've only had four defeats so we're not going to suddenly change everything.

"Looking from last Saturday we would have settled for a win against Cambridge and two draws away. We've had a lot of away games and I would have settled for five points, but we've got six."

Steve Coppell said: "Brighton have been a strong influence in the division and they still can be without doubt. We have done the double over them, but I wouldn't want to play them every week."

He continued "I take some criticism about being too rigid and in limiting to what I think they are capable of, while tonight they responded to being give more freedom.

"I have tried to anchor Paul Evans a bit too much but tonight we let him push on and he looked very effective.

"It is as much a learning curve for me and I'm prepared to admit that maybe I tried to impose things on the players a little too much."

Coppell commented on the idea to drop Owusu, Mahon & Evo on Tuesday.

"We rested the three because they are very important players for us and I'm glad the gamble paid off.

"It's a big relief to get off 45 points because it has been a long time coming, but having said that we have deserved to take points in several of the last five games we lost."

He added: "A change is as good as a rest sometimes and I think the three of them benefited from it.

"On the other hand Ole was not happy about being left out, but that just shows how much it means to him."

BBB was voted ITV Sports man of the match and he was interviewed afterwards.

He said: "We owed the manager that win because he has stuck behind us all through this run.

"We were all up for the game and everyone played their part. Now if we can repeat that kind if display there's no reason why we can't put another winning run together."

Burgess was substituted before he could grab his hat-trick, but added: "I didn't mind. I think the boss knew what he was doing and besides I'd had plenty of chances to get it.

"We have been really unlucky in a lot of games recently, but even sides like Manchester United have bad runs and look at them now.

"That win will give us confidence again and that is so vital for a footballer, but I have to say a lot of my goals are down to Lloyd Owusu who does so much hard work for the side."