The Chairman speaks....

Last updated : 09 March 2005 By Smallsy
From the official website....

In the days following the Colchester game, Eddie Jones has been talking with the Directors and also been in contact with Martin Allen over recent events. Topics of discussion began with the recent ticketing and turnstyle problems before the Hartlepool and Southampton replays.

Speaking to members of the official website, Jones said that the club was working under extreme pressure and some decisions were not thought out very well, mistakes were made and the club will try and improve on them in the future. He also said that those affected were reminded of their formal duties and responsibilities. However as chairman he takes ultimate responsibility and he is blaming nobody but himself.

He also gave supporters hope by suggesting that a budget will be available for Allen to push for the playoffs, he appreciates all the work that the manager has done in recent months and has worked outside the clubs usual financial boundaries for the first time in two years. The chairman believes that the club can go up and is desperate for this to happen this season. However were the clubs plan not to prevail the club will be in no financial trouble what so ever and he assured the fans that Martin Allen was not going anywhere either, despite rumours linking him with Portsmouth.

Basically, Allen has been given the go ahead to strengthen his squad and is hopeing that as soon as the 'boys' get back from Dubai, deals can be discussed and options analysed! So great news there!

In other related news Brentford will be bringing in a new kit man to help the current one as he can't deal with the current pressure.

The chairman will also attempt to take the pressure of Martin Allen by helping his more with the day to day running of the club, not sure whether thats a good thing or not!

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