What they said......?

Last updated : 13 March 2005 By Smallsy
fter a creditable 0-0 draw with Doncaster away from home and Stuart Nelson had a tremendous clearance 'goal' disallowed. There was obviously much to talk about from the players involved and the press as usual has their say.

What the boss said?
Martin Allen defended his 'long ball' tactics during the game in an interview with teamtalk.com.
"Anyone who thought we were going to come here and play like Brazil must be kidding themselves. It was a big game for both teams and it was difficult to play football in the wind.

"It might have looked a bit like rugby at times with one or two players falling over but our lads stood up to be counted and battled all the way."

He also felt that Nelson's goal should not have been disallowed saying,

"I thought it was a great goal and it should have stood. But I was pleased with a point, it's not an easy place to come and keep a clean sheet but the lads battled really well."

The player involved with the incident also felt that he hadn't done anything wrong, he also said that the goal should have been given and went on to restart the argument that goalkeepers were given too much preotection in the modern era.

Brentford's 'goalscorer' said that he was too far away from the incident to see what happened but felt that Burton tried to contest fairly and if that happened at his end of the pitch he would have felt that he was to blame not the striker. He did say though that he felt the team played very well and that all involved were pleased with their point.

What the experts said?
reported that the side fought hard for their point and probably deserved a victory as they didnt allow Doncaster to create many chances and even near the end of the end of the game where the home side put pressure on us, we held our own well.

BBC.co.uk said that it was a fairly even game and that a draw was a fair result, both sides had chances but neither one could finish what were only really half chances.

Skysports.com felt that both teams lacked a good enough cutting edge to win the game but Brentford had the better chances.

Griffinpark.org voted Eddie Hutchinson MOTM closely ahead of Nelson for the second week running. Commented that the boys played well but didnt really do enough to merit a win.