What they said...?

Last updated : 22 March 2005 By Smallsy
After the 2-1 defeat to Blackpool we take our usual look at what the people involved had to say about the game.

What the squad said....?
Martin Allen was suprisingly upbeat after the game although he admitted to the official website he was still hurting inside,

"The boys played well today despite the defeat, we tried to play a tough game to take Blackpool out of their side but the ref clamped down on this instantly, too many players had to walk the tightrope of being sent off and this probably stopped us from expressing ourselves fully"

He continued on and said,

"We've got to stay positive and believe that we can still make the playoffs, we've just got to pick ourselves up before the Peterbrough game and start another run up"

Several players including Sam Sodje commented on the referees performance,

"we tried to play tough but the referee didnt let us do that, i think he was too fussy and instead of concentrating on the game, we were holding back trying to make we all stayed on the pitch"

Darren Pratley said,

"The boys did well tonight but i thought we deserved a draw, if we'd have pulled it back to 1-1 or got our goal sooner im positive we could have won, this is forgotten though we want our next game to be as soon as possible to we can get the winning habit back"

What the experts said....

Bbc.co.uk - said that the game was fairly evenly matched but Blackpool took their chances and had slightly more posession

Teamtalk.com - commented that Blackpool were the better side and probably deserved to win, the early goal made it easier for them and Brentford lacks of goalscoring away from home made the result inevitable when it went to 2-0.

Griffinpark.org - said that the boys played well, but agreed that 'pool were the better side making more of their oppertunities, as yet they have not named their man of the match