Your site needs you!

Last updated : 06 May 2005 By Smallsy
Hey all,

As tomorrow's game is the final game of the regular season I'd like to do some kind of review of the season for the website and your ideas are very much needed, I'd be very grateful if you could all email be your best and worst moments of the season.

Also if you have any ideas on your player of the season, an appraisal of the manager or any other awards you can think of then i can put all your ideas into a big section as a good reminder of 2004/2005 which still has the potential to be the greatest season ever, so get your ideas sent into me!

Also If you have any ideas of sections or features you would like to see before next season or any improvements you can think of (ideas for the messageboard would be greatly recieved!) then I can try sort something out for you!

Remember only works because of the fans love for their club, websites such as this exist because of fans like you! Your views count!

Cheers, Editor (Ben)